The Myths We Live by

The Myths We Live by Mary Midgley argues in her powerful new book that far from being the opposite of science myth is a central part of it In brilliant prose she claims that myths are neither lies nor mere stories but a

  • Title: The Myths We Live by
  • Author: Mary Midgley
  • ISBN: 9780415340779
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mary Midgley argues in her powerful new book that far from being the opposite of science, myth is a central part of it In brilliant prose, she claims that myths are neither lies nor mere stories but a network of powerful symbols that suggest particular ways of interpreting the world.

    Myths and Legends from EBN Welcome to Myths and Legends This site is for pupils, teachers and all those who enjoy stories and storytelling The World is rich in myths, folktales and legends.For example almost every town, city and village in Britain has its own special story, be it a Celtic legend, Dark Society s Storyteller How TV Creates the Myths by which Storytelling is the great process that makes us recognizably human A story is an attempt to make the invisible visible it has to do with relationships, with intellectual connections We have to have some device to make the visible, dramatic, revealing and embodied in human beings whose characteristics we know and whose actions we can understand. In Search of Myths Heroes Myths Archetypes PBS An archetype is a universal symbolic pattern Examples of archetypal characters are the femme fatale, the trickster, the great mother and father, and the dying god. Apex Legends Myths Busted Testing Every Idea We Can In Can you shoot through Wraith s portals Can you die from falling Can you kill teammates with grenades We find the answers. Nutrition Food Myths The Biggest Lies We ve Been Told Feb , After talking with Dr Willett, and reading his no bullshit guide Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, we identified the five most insidious food myths that have been forced down our throats and what we Trying to conceive fertility myths we should all stop One of the great ironies in a woman s life is that after spending most of our s trying not to get pregnant, we then wind up in our s or s desperately trying to do the opposite. Sermon Myths We Need to Bust CareyNieuwhof More than any of us would care to admit, we ve sat through a minute message and then, an hour later, found ourselves completely unable to recall a single point that was made. Myth In present use, mythology usually refers to the collected myths of a group of people, but may also mean the study of such myths For example, Greek mythology, Roman mythology and Hittite mythology all describe the body of myths retold among those cultures Folklorist Alan Dundes defines myth as a sacred narrative that explains how the world and humanity evolved into their present form. The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer They Myths and Where We I wrote my first blog post on the ketogenic diet and cancer just over five years ago A Ketogenic Diet for Cancer followed by another article four years ago, The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer Where We Stand.I have been meaning to update this for the past two years, but then life got in the way. Six Myths About Stress apa Six myths surround stress Dispelling them enables us to understand our problems and then take action against them Let s look at these myths Myth Stress is the same for everybody Completely wrong Stress is different for each of us What is stressful for one person may or may not be

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    • Mary Midgley

      Mary Midgley is an English moral philosopher She was a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Newcastle University and is known for her work on science, ethics and animal rights.

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    • This is the second Midgley books I’ve read – and I would really recommend this one too. Not least because it makes very clear the problems with ‘memes’ and that is a very important thing to be made clear. I want to talk about the problem of ‘science’ and how we have somehow come to the view that a very particular kind of rational thinking is the criterion for all true knowledge, and even of all worthwhile knowledge. That is a very terrifying idea.This is a book that stresses that muc [...]

    • Writers of the world: if you're going to write about how all of science is wrong, have the decency to understand at least one of the specific topics you intend to write about.*Every fucking sentence* in this book is wrong in some way.She whines about memetics (which apparently says ideas are like alien insects that can be exterminated with the right pesticide), objectivity (apparently the fact that there are degrees of objectivity means that it's an incoherent concept), social contracts (incompa [...]

    • In general, I am allergic to philosophy. It seems so abstracted from real life as to be meaningless, so caught up in minutiae as to lose track of the things we care about. But philosophical writing did play a role in my intellectual development. Reading Mary Mdigley’s “Science as Salvation” (along with Richard Tarnas’ grant “The passion of the Western Mind”) during one summer in college provoked one of my semi-regular existential crises, and also helped push me out of the sciences an [...]

    • I didn't find the writing very accessible. And yes we've swung too far in the direction of reductionism- especially in medicine where the human body is broken down into a series of unrelated parts. But you can't blame science for bad science. And I think Midgley used bad science in some of her examples. (reminds me of the joke of the grain farmer who switched to chickens and didn't know if he should plant them head down or feet down. After the 2nd batch died he calls the university extension to [...]

    • "Myths are not lies. Nor are they detached stories. They are imaginative patterns, networks of powerful symbols that suggest particular ways of interpreting the world. They shape its meaning." I was tracking with Midgley's argument to about 3/4 in, then I found myself wearied under the weight of the "Prometheus" myth which informs (so it seems) the majority of mis-steps humanity has taken in its relation with the world (the 'world' in this work principally being the biosphere and intellectual hi [...]

    • Written in a clear and readable style (not something you always associate with philosophers), this is a great introduction to the work of Mary Midgley. She covers a lot of ground: our over-dependence on the infallibility of science (and our failure to see its limits); the myths and assumptions we take for granted (and don't even necessarily recognize they are myths/assumptions); Homo sapiens' over-inflated view of himself and his entitlements to the detriment of other species (and even the plane [...]

    • I didn't actually realize this book was about environmentalism/ecologies until about halfway through. In the process of examining the fundamental premises and conceptual structures that underly our general attitudes towards the earth and animals, Midgley does a nice job exposing the legacy of Cartesian duality in Western philosophy and how that sets up a "disembodied" thinker that can somehow exist outside our ways of knowing, experiencing, and relating to the world. Ironically, this thinker wit [...]

    • A polemic but a closely argued one. Midgely traces back the intellectual failure of nerve and imagination in the face of issues such as climate change or gender/race/wealth inequalities to the faultline imposed between the (in themselves) problematic categories of mind and body or the civilised and the wild. She shows how certain monomyths colonised our attitudes to science and the humanities and argues that we have to recognise and challenge those myths if humanity is to have any hope of making [...]

    • Mary Midgley's instincts on key issues of our time are invariably correct. Her arguments in this collection of essays are well worth exploring and reward futher analysis. Scientific reductionism is her main enemy and her guiding principle is a sort of holism or dual aspect theory for subjective and objective attitudes, with knowledge partial in both spheres. But should not objectivity always be our goal, even if it is ultimately unattainable? In Kantian terms, the subjective is the ground of the [...]

    • Far be it for me to attempt a critique, suffice to say that, for me, Mary Midgley is one of the must read philosophers of our age, she brings a human (and dare I say feminine?) perspective to a discipline which often lacks that quality, even in ethics where it needs it most.Mary Midgley is an author who has an enormous amount to say about why we are as we are and what that does and should mean for all of us.This would be an excellent gateway into philosophy for readers of literary fiction, not d [...]

    • Philosophy with a passion for action. This is one of the best books I've read. Very accessible, each point is clearly weighed up. Read it if you want a revelation into how we are tricked by myths in every aspect of society. This book oIs a call to waken up to moral, social, environmental and species responsibility. A call to stewardship (to steal an idea from Genesis but thankfully Midgely does not refer to).

    • Not exactly what I was expecting, so I was a bit disappointed. Too much polemic against Richard Dawkins and his likeminded. The myths she refers to are those established in the Enlightenment period, expressed in the natural sciences.

    • If, like so many intelligent people in the modern world, you have drunk the Kool Aid of reductionist materialism, or have otherwise been unfortunate enough to be deceived by the smug and self-promoting cheer leading of the self-proclaimed 'brights', then this book is good medicine.

    • I read this and really liked it but I cannot find any documentation as to when, which is truly sad as it has only been in the last several years.

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